Connect to your breath and emotions & explore the relationship of the Diaphragm & Psoas muscle with Lara Blackman

Sunday 14th of June 2020 | 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Botannix Yoga Studio | 25 Swinbourne Street, Botany, Sydney

The Ganesha Garden Studio

Investment $50 Members | $55 Non-members

Limited spaces so bookings are essential.

Join Lara Blackman (YIN & KIN) for a 3 hour Masterclass to look at the importance of diaphragm breathing in relation to our emotions


You have probably heard once or twice the importance of breathing properly. It helps relax the body, it regulates pH levels, it is necessary to produce ATP (energy) and it generally makes us feel better, calmer, non-reactive, safe… but WHY? The diaphragm is a much more complex muscle than we may realise.

From a TCM (Chinese medicine) perspective, the diaphragm is related to all 14 meridians and acts like a barrier between the organs that sit above and below the diaphragmic muscle. Each organ in TCM is attributed to specific emotions. Emotions must continuously flow and change or they become stuck. When emotions are stuck, the breath changes and tension arises somewhere in the body. If tension remains, the blood flow is altered and eventually function is altered. Physically the diaphragm functions like a pump for air to move in and out of the body. Energetically the diaphragm functions as a pump for qi (energy) to move through the body in the form of emotions. 

The diaphragm is also attached to the psoas muscle at the lumbar spine attachment. Both of these muscles have been recognised as our emotional reactive muscles or fight and flight muscles. We cannot take a breath that doesn’t affect the psoas and similarly we cannot take a step that doesn’t affect the diaphragm. If we are in a constant state of stress our breath will be shallow, our psoas tight and our body will think we are in a constant state of danger. This will of course reflect on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and lead to us becoming more fearful.

In this 2 hour masterclass we will delve deep into thoroughly understanding this beautiful yet complex muscle of the diaphragm and how it connects so deeply with the psaos:

- THE DIAPHRAGM in all its glory: anatomy & function, re-learning how to breathe, tension release using props and yin yoga for opening the torso and psoas

-  Traditional Chinese medicine & YIN yoga. The relationship between the diaphragm, organs and our emotions

- Pericardium and Liver : Frustration from not speaking our truth   

-  Lung and spleen: Worrying about loss and grief

- Heart and kidneys: Fear of being hurt 



botannix yoga studio

25 Swinbourne Street, Botany 2019 Sydney