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Cath Pampallis

Catherine is a professional Yoga Teacher and Breath Coach, she obtained her initial 200-hour yoga teaching certification in the heart of yoga, Rishikesh India, and has since completed further education in Chair Yoga, Body Poetry Yoga, Yin Yoga and Breath Coaching. Influenced by her teachers, yogic philosophy, life experience and Mother Nature, her goal is to teach in a way that provokes thought and meaning, to help liberate her students both physically and mentally and have them leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed. Before studying yoga, Catherine suffered from chronic stress and burn out. Yoga and other healing modalities have deeply transformed her life and she is now on a mission to help others connect back to their bodies and find what feels good for them too. 


Yoga breathing is a big part of her teachings as it plays a vital role in supporting the nervous system, stress response, sleep quality, and our energy. She is passionate about sharing the science of these ancient yoga practices and how simple and accessible they are as tools for self care. 



200 hours - Arogya School of Yoga, Rishikesh India

150 hours Body Poetry Yoga - Lara Zilibowitz 

32 hours Chair Yoga - LVC Yoga Sydney, Claire Cunneen

50 hours Yin - Woke Yoga Academy, Em Cruickshank 

30 hours Mentorship - Leanne Raab 

Certified Breath Coach - Lucas Rockwood, Yoga Body 



 Slow Flow, Vinyasa, Yin 

Cath Pampallis
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