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Kristy Ferrari

Kristy has been practicing yoga and has a passion for the healing arts for over 20 years. She believes Yoga is a powerful healing tool, a way to connect to the self and spirit, and a must for self inquiry, it is not just a physical practice.


Kristy is trained in Hatha and Yin yoga, her classes incorporate releasing tension through strengthening poses to a more gentle restorative class.  Kristy hopes to help others to heal, connect and to simply feel good, for Kristy it is coming home, a place of deep connection.


Being a Reiki Master among other energy healing modalities, she likes to encourage her students to use the breath for self healing to help let go of all that not longer serves us. Releasing old wounds and trauma so you can learn to live a happier, healthier and lighter life. Everyone deserves true inner peace, self love and happiness. Let's connect to spirit and realise who we really are.


200 hrs - Sacred Seed Mullumbimby ‘Pachamama Yoga School’  Hatha Yoga and Calligraphy(QiGong) 

Sarasvati Yoga Society by Swami Sarasvati  Traditional Hatha Yoga  ‘Swami’s Retreat’ Kenthurst/Sydney - Diploma

50hrs - training with Octavio Salvador ‘The Practice’ Dharmic Warriors

50 hrs - Yin yoga training with Mel Mclauglin Body Mind Life

20hrs - Yin Yoga ‘The Functional Approach’ training with Paul Grilley

Connect to Creator certificate with Katherine F Bright (ND, ATMS) Theta Resonance at all levels founder.

Reiki 1, 2 & Reiki Master,  Usui Natural Healing Tradition with Elke Lehn ‘Tuned In’

Metaphysics Certificate ‘Chiara College of Metaphisics’ Level 2

Seraphim Angelic Healing Certificate


Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Slow Flow 

Kristy Ferrari
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