Motorbike Yoga Masterclass

Sunday 21st of June 2020 | 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Investment $50 Members | $55 Non-members


Limited spaces so bookings are essential.

What is Running yoga ?
Running yoga, is a sequence of slow flow, linked yoga poses practiced on the thread of the breath which

is designed to enhance everyone’s running experience. Running starts in the shoulders, so this yoga sequence is based on a deep understanding of the running stride biomechanics and focusses on synchronizing motion with breath. Starting with with fluid movements in shoulders, arms and legs whilst maintaining strength in the core, psoas and back.

In this 3 hour masterclass you will experience a 2 hour yoga class, 45 mins outdoors to apply your experience on the mat to running, 15 mins meditation. Connecting to the thread of the breath, we will work through a safe slow flow sequence of linked yoga poses, that are designed to increase your shoulder mobility and realise that they control your legs pace, discover how versatile our feet support can be and experience the role of a strong core and straight back whilst running. Whether you would like to start running and find a comfortable posture or you are an experienced runner willing to reach the next level, this masterclass will be beneficial for you.

The benefits include:
- Connection to breath whilst moving

- Refine inner sensations
- Optimize your running posture

- Prevent from injuries
- Run longer/faster
- Develop flexibility and strength - Enhance recuperation time


Bénédicte is an international teacher and scientist from France, she has been practicing yoga and vipassana meditation for 15 years. She has discovered a passion for running a few years ago and she races regularly on roads and nature trails. In 2018, she was one of the first dozen students to graduate from the Running Yogis® Academy in France (Facebook: “Yoga for Runner”, short video:


Bénédicte is passionate to share her knowledge & experience with you to improve your running and to keep you strong in muscles and mind.

What to bring: Comfortable clothes to be able to do the yoga poses and running shoes for outside.

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