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Sandeep Virdi

Yoga is the antidote for survival in our current times. Sandeep uses this as a foundational point cultivating a space that allows students to immerse in their own bodies, by creating a dynamic, vigorous sequence, and brining insights using the cosmic language of our living sky and using music for deep work. Sandeep fundamentally believes the practice of yoga asana is the unique platform for individual growth. It brings clarity to the individual to explore their true essence and brings people together from all walks of life with a shared interest.

Sandeep cultivates a space which enhances the feelings of similarity that we so often try to deny and instead go into our conditioned selves.

Sandeeps intention is to promote the feelings of sameness through the teachings of yoga by holding a safe space for each student to peel layers to experience their highest potential and with that the feeling of being in the present moment.

Sandeep brings these teachings through the Jivamukti method and also as an astrologer she likes to incorporate the wisdom of the cosmos, allowing each student to understand the energies we are all integrating for growth and deeper understanding of Self.

Jivamukti Yoga is a path to discover our true essence and compassion for all beings. It is grounded in the original meaning of the Sanskrit word asana as 'seat, connection' the relationship to the Earth.

A student can experience a dynamic, deep, compassionate and versatile vinyasa practice bringing together the 5 tenants; Ahimsa (nonviolent) compassionate lifestyle, Bhakti (devotion), Dhyana (meditation), Nada (sound) music and verbal instruction and Shastra (study of ancient texts) - with all of these integrated in a class it is guaranteed to be a unified experience.

Sandeep is an Advanced 800 hour Jivamukti teacher, who travels every year to connect with her teachers Rima Rani Rabbath and Monica Jaggi. They are both based in NYC, and bring importance to current state of our lives and how we can use alignment within our bodies to reach a deeper understanding. Sandeep incorporates and integrates these teachings in her classes. She regularly practice Astanga Yoga with Eileen Hall who has been her teacher for over seven years.

She has practiced with many teachers, inspired by Sharon Gannon and David Life founders of Jivamukti yoga. Yogeshwari from NYC, Mark Robberds Australia and Bali, Maty Ezarty, Kino McGregor, Richard Freeman and his wife Mary Taylor, Jules Febre of NYC, Lady Ruth, Monica Jaggi and Rima Rani Rabbath.


Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training | 300 hr 
Jivamukti Advanced Teacher Training Apprenticeship | 500 hr


Vinyasa Int/Adv, Vinyasa, Yin + Astrology

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