YIN & KIN Masterclass

YIN YOGA in harmony with KINESIOLOGY with Yoga Teacher, kinesiologist and complimentary health practitioner

Lara Blackman

Sunday 22nd of March | 12pm - 2pm

The Ganesha Garden Studio

Investment $50 members | $55 non members

Limited spaces so early bird bookings essential

Join Lara in this 2 hour masterclass to explore first-hand the world of mind | body medicine. 

YIN & KIN incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine principles applied in the practice of both yin yoga | kinesiology |acupressure points | psychology

Both Yin yoga and kinesiology (Yin & Kin) do not separate the mind from the body and understand that by addressing one you automatically have to address the other or unbalances will arise time and time again.

This masterclass will be an introduction to kinesiology, the meridian system and acupressure. It will aim to teach you to recognise and listen to what your body is telling you through the yin poses and the acupoints. We will target specific fascial trains, talk about the related meridian channels, hold the most relevant acupressure point on that channel and discuss the psychology behind the point.


Kinesiology encompasses holistic health practices from Western and Eastern traditions to look at how our emotions/thoughts manifest in our physical bodies. By looking at a person’s environment and patterns in times of stress we have an understanding of what caused disconnection or manifested disease. Based on Traditional Chinese medicine principles of the meridian system and acupressure we bring a person back to balance by prompting qi or energy to flow.

Yin yoga is a practice where we hold poses for 3-5 minutes to target very specific fascial trains in the body where we hold alot of tension. These fascial trains correspond to the meridian system in Traditional Chinese Medicine.



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