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Lou Lemaistre

Lou walked into her first yoga class 8 years ago - unaware that it would lead her on a deep journey of self-inquiry. While working in the fast-paced European startup scene, she increasingly turned to Yoga as an antidote for the imbalance and disconnection she felt. This experience of returning to wholeness, remembering who we are in the midst of our busy lives, is what compelled her to dedicate herself to the practice and share its beautiful gifts with others, which she considers a great privilege.


Her energetic classes mix intelligent sequencing and functional alignment cues designed to bring both steadiness and ease. Weaving in pranayama, meditation, and philosophy, her classes are designed to open and free not just the body but also the mind & heart. Bringing her curiosity, warmth, and playfulness into each class, Lou invites students to explore their bodies, move intuitively, breathe fully and release the mind. Her intention is to empower each practitioner to find their unique path to a fulfilled and joyful life.



200h - Sukha Mukha Teacher Training - Idit Hefer-Tamir & Katie Rose Manitsas

350h - Sukha Mukha Advanced Teacher Training - Idit Hefer-Tamir & Katie Rose Manitsas

25h - Yoga Anatomy - Jason Crandell & Paul B. Roache, MD

15h - Yoga of the Mind (Yoga Sutras) - Kamala Angel

25h - The Art & Soul of Tantra - Jasmine Tarkeshi



Intermediate Vinyasa, Vinyasa Meditation

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