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what's coming up at botannix yoga studio?

Feet off the ground workshop 

Arm balances & inversions

with Joao Da Costa

Sunday 24th of November

12:00pm - 3:00pm

In this 3 hour workshop you will discover alignment techniques and strengthening tools to turn your world upside down and give you the confidence and focus to approach arm balances and inversions safely.

Face your fears both on and off the mat...

Transition from Spring to Summer, Keeping cool & harmonising in the fire element of heart and small intestine.


Join Botannix Yin Teacher, Karen Milton, to delve deep into your yin-sides.

2 Hour Workshop

Sunday 15th December 1pm - 3pm


In the Chinese system of the five elements, Summer is related to FIRE, which governs the HEART and SMALL INTESTINE. In this 2 hour class, we will linger in long holds that support these organs to help you feel refreshed, grounded and balanced as we reach the busy festive period & the tail end of the year which can be emotionally tiring and draining. 





8 week course 

February 5th - March 25th 2020

with Anne Stringer


This course is structured to introduce you to the concepts of yoga, the poses, (asana) the breath (pranayama), as well as showing you how to let go of some of those common mis-conceptions

such as “I’m not flexible enough for yoga” and “I’ll start when I’m fitter.”

This course is great for those brand new to yoga and also those wanting to refresh their practice.