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Botannix 5 weeks Beginners Yoga Course | Starts Thursday 8th Feb 6.30pm

Have you been wanting to try yoga for some time now but feel a little intimidated by the whole studio scenario?

Or have you been telling yourself that your body is simply not the right shape, size or flexible enough to do yoga?

Then Botannix Beginners Yoga Course is for you!

We are so excited to be offering a new course in 2024 just for beginners.

The aim of the course is to introduce the practice of yoga in the comfort and sanctuary of the beautiful studio at Botannix.

This course will be fun and inclusive and run at a pace that leaves no one behind!

In this course you will learn:

Your way around the yoga studio and how a class is typically structured.

Gentle breath work techniques that can calm and balance your nervous system.

Fundamental yoga poses and cues (and their Sanskrit names).

Transitions from one pose to another.

The use of yoga props and how to alter poses to suit your body shape.

Touch on esoteric teachings intrinsic to yoga.

And maybe a little about yourself!

On completion of the course you will feel confident to explore the many and varied vinyasa classes on offer at Botannix.

Most importantly we hope to help you appreciate that yoga is a lifelong practice open to everybody.

And that a smile improves every pose!

Please note: No refunds for missed weeks. Make up classes may be permitted depending on circumstance and in coherence with another beginners course.

Investment: $150pp | $100pp for Botannix members | Please book in via the Botannix app or email us at 

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