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Jo Day

Seventeen years ago Jo embarked on a journey of self discovery, attending a 10 day Buddhist retrea that became a annual event for over the next decade and beyond. This experience along with further Buddhism study and meditation, helped truth find her truth and heart connection.

Jo soon discovered yoga and found that when coupled with meditation, it assisted with the physical demands of being a hairstylist and Jo soon fell deeply in love with the completeness of yoga. In 2012 Jo became a proud Muma to Ziggy.

Jo teaches from the heart, and is so excited to share the gift of yoga with others on and off the mat.



Mark Breadner, Sharon Elias, Sindar Kaur – Nature Care College | 500 hr

Paul Dallaghan – Samahita, Centred Yoga, Thailand | 200 hr

Mentorship – Jeff Miller – Botannix Yoga | 60 hr



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