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Dr. Jeff Miller Director of Teacher Training, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Coach
Carla Burke Yoga Teacher

For Carla, yoga just happened. “It was something that I instantly connected with. When I discovered yoga at the age of 12, I just knew it was important for some reason”. Carla was first introduced to vinyasa yoga after receiving a DVD with some practices on it. She eventually found studio vinyasa classes. “Vinyasa really takes me – I love the creativity of the flow and how present you have to be.”

Carla’s teaching journey began after almost two years of daily practice. She completed her initial 200hrs and went straight into teaching. Since then, she has gone on to continue to build her skills and is trained in Lotus Flow and children’s yoga. She also devotes herself to reading about everything yoga and to maintaining her daily practice in whatever form it takes. ‘My relationship to my practice is always changing. There are times that I just need to slow down and time that I just need to keep going. I believe it doesn’t matter why we show up; it just matters that we do’

When Carla is not yoga-ing, you can find her writing music, swimming in the ocean, cooking, reading and enjoying the company of her friends.



200 hours – Jeff Miller – Botannix Yoga
60 hour Mentorship – Jeff Miller – Botannix Yoga
25 hours -Zenergy Yoga – Childrens Teacher Training
50 hours – Jasmine Tarkeshi – Laughing Lotus – Bhakti teacher training
50 hours – Jasmine Tarkeshi – Laughing Lotus – Super Sequencing teacher training.


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