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Dr. Jeff Miller Director of Teacher Training, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Coach
Dara Loughrey Yoga Teacher

Dara has been teaching yoga since 2006 and continues her personal daily practice which as evolved over the years from intense Hatha asana practice to gentle asana with focus also on meditation, pranayama, mantras and Bhakti yoga.

Her classes vary, depending on the yogis & yoginis in the room and what they actually require on the day, sometimes class can be dynamic, gentle, strong, stretchy, mix of both and or relaxing / invigorating, it’s all decided by the bodies in the room on the day and the style of class. Dara is passionate about teaching Hatha and restorative asana style classes with mindfulness on the breath, alignment and yoga philosophy weaved through too.

Dara began her yoga journey over 17 years ago whilst studying an Advanced Diploma in Theatre and Television, where a daily yoga practice was incorporated into morning classes led by movement director Gavin Robins.

After graduating, Dara continued to practice yoga, which created many positive changes in her life leading her on a quest for truth and connection to the Divine, she then felt the need to follow her heart and share this ancient practice with others and studied to be yoga teacher over three years, completing an “Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training. Dara regularly travels to India to practice yoga, her first trip was to Rishikesh to practice in depth Hatha yoga and deepen her spiritual practice. In recent years she has spent time in South India with teacher Sri Narayani Amma, practicing Bhakti yoga and service to humanity.

Throughout the years Dara has been blessed to practice and attend classes & workshops with Clive Sheridan, Yogrishi Vishvketu, Mark Whitwell, Melanie McLaughlin, Shiva Rea, Bianca Machliss and Simon Borg Oliver and is incredibly grateful for the inspiration and positive influence they each have had on her personal practice.

Dara runs yoga retreats in Bali, Australia, India and most recently in Ireland while also training yoga teachers in Dublin.


Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching: Nature Care College Under the tutelage of:

- Sindar Kaur
- Marian McNaught
- Sally Flynn
- Mark Breadner
- Fabio Fabbri
- Clive Salzer
- Eve Gryzbowski
- Dr. Shaun Matthews

Bhakti Yoga: Sri Narayani Amma


Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Nidra

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