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Leisa Trestour 

Leisa's classes are inclusive and open to all levels, offering a variety of entry points in the practice for beginners or those more experienced.  Blending breathing, meditation (guided being a favourite) as well as intentional movements to provide a safe space where you can move and rest. Weaving in philosophy and looking for opportunities to align the practice to the seasons as well as to our energy centres (chakras).


Deeply curious and drawn to yoga from a young age, Leisa dabbled in many styles of yoga over the years,  she found herself not fully committed to a certain practice but flowing in and out of various styles of yoga meditation classes.  These practices have become an integral anchor and part of Leisas life providing her with the tools to weather any storm that life throws at her.

Becoming a Yoga Teacher in the Sarasvati Yoga Style (a traditional raja yoga) has allowed Leisa to share these teachings both in class as well as integrating them into her role as a HR and Transformational Leader, driving cultural change in large organisations.


Yoga has supported Leisa throughout three pregnancies and provided her with a space where she could practice self care on a number of levels; physical, emotional and spiritual.  After the birth of her third child, Leisa made a conscious decision to dedicate herself to a regular vinyasa practice; practising the art of being a student, studying philosophy of yoga, meditating daily, journaling and trying (yes trying) to live a yogic lifestyle whilst working full time with three young children. 



Sarasvati Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs

The Art of Teaching Donna Farhi 50hrs

Meditation Teacher Training

(Sydney Institute of Meditation) 80 hrs

Restorative Teacher Training (Sukha Mukha) 15 hrs

Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Renew) 20 hrs


Yoga is a journey and with an avid interest in Restorative, Yin and Meditation I look forward to sharing these with you on the mat. Namaste.


Yin + Meditation

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