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Due to restrictions in place as a result of COVID-19, our garden studio is temporarily closed. All dates below for our Courses and Masterclasses will be rescheduled once the studio re-opens.

Botannix Yoga Studio Bliss Events




with Vicky Averkiou, energy intuitive healer, integrative therapist in psychology & trauma

Sunday (date TBC)

12pm - 3pm


Do you find it difficult to integrate your spiritual world with your day to day world? Is spirituality an escape from your life rather than a way of life?
Does it feel spirituality is something you fit into your schedule?

Would you like it to become an embodied, lived experience?

In this 3 hour crystal chakra balancing meditation, you will discover the benefits of having a balanced earth star and soul star chakras and how they fit in with the seven main chakra system and can balance heaven and earth in your own life. The earth star chakra is located below our feet and connects us with the crystalline grid of Mother Earth. The soul star chakra is located above

our heads and connects us with the wisdom of our souls.




Join Dara Loughrey and Martine Aharonson (Acupuncture Collective) 

Friday (date TBC)

7pm - 9pm


Sound soak the cells with the vibrations of the crystal singing bowls, heal the tissues with acupuncture and restore the body with restorative yoga. Lets embrace the autumn season and the element of metal with Lungs & large intestine. It’s power is balance & it’s virtue is justice.


The sound bowls are beautifully tuned and played by the healing hands of Dara, whilst the tiny hair thin needles are applied by the expert hands of Martine. The Acupuncture and sound bowls will be continuously interwoven whilst in your restorative yoga poses for the duration of the 2 hour class. Both modalities will massage the cells, align and clean your body’s energy, allowing you to go into a deeper form of mediation, giving your mind, body and soul the rejuvenation it needs - this will allow you to let go of stress, tightness and calm the nervous system; bringing relaxation and restoration to your body, so you can balance your daily activities with deep rest and nourishment.  


12 hour Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation Teacher Training Module

with International Yoga Teacher


Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th May 2020

Suitable for anyone would like to deepen their own practice.


This masterclass will be an introduction to kinesiology, the meridian system and acupressure. It will aim to teach you to recognise and listen to what your body is telling you through the yin poses and the acupoints. We will target specific fascial trains, talk about the related meridian channels, hold the most relevant acupressure point on that channel and discuss the psychology behind the point.


Enjoy mental freedom and develop inner strength, balance, clarity, concentration and creativity with International Yoga Teacher 


in a 6 week Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation course.


May 6th - June 10th

7:45pm - 9:00pm


Gaurav Malik, International Guest Yoga Teacher from India will be guide students through a 6-week mantra, meditation and breath series. 

A spiritual journey into traditional Indian practices of pranayama breathing techniques, mantras and meditation. ​


Botannix Yoga Studio Masterclasses

Go within and delve deeper with International Yoga Teacher 


in a 2 hour masterclass of Pranayama, Mantra 

and Meditation 

Saturday 9th of May 2020

12:00 - 2:00pm


Gaurav Malik, International Guest Yoga Teacher from India, will guide students on a 2-hour spiritual journey into traditional Indian practices of pranayama breathing techniques, mantras and meditation. All students are welcome to join the experience and will receive a take-home booklet to guide further self-practice.


CONNECT TO YOUR BREATH AND EMOTIONS & explore the relationship of the Diaphragm & Psoas muscle MASTERCLASS with Lara Blackman

Sunday 14th of June

12pm - 3pm


In this 2 hour masterclass we will delve deep into thoroughly understanding this beautiful yet complex muscle of the diaphragm and how it connects so deeply with the psaos:

- THE DIAPHRAGM in all its glory: anatomy & function, re-learning how to breathe, tension release using props and yin yoga for opening the torso and psoas

-  Traditional Chinese medicine & YIN yoga. The relationship between the diaphragm, organs and our emotions

- Pericardium and Liver : Frustration from not speaking our truth   

-  Lung and spleen: Worrying about loss and grief

- Heart and kidneys: Fear of being hurt



Delve deeper into peak poses

with Mel Rosina

Sunday 25th of July

12pm - 3pm


Join Botannix resident yoga teacher Mel Rosina, to explore some advanced peak pose asana, to deepen your yoga practice and find a greater mindfulness.

Trying new or more challenging yoga poses can be fearful and daunting, especially within a sequence of a busy class. This masterclass is designed for those who would like to face some fears around advance poses, are stagnant in their sequencing, have a regular yoga practice and want to delve deeper into stronger advance poses in the safety of a masterclass environment.




TRE® + Yoga + Aroma


Sunday 31st of May

12:00pm - 2:00pm


If you are needing to reset, recharge and re-energise, this is the class for you. Whether you’re feeling stressed, anxious, exhausted, suffering from adrenal fatigue or recovering from past trauma, you’ll learn simple strategies for your ongoing self-care and self-regulation.

AUTOGENIC YOGA combines TRE® (Tension & Trauma Release & Resilience Exercises), a series of simple yoga-like poses (asana) with breathing exercises (pranayama) enhanced by pure essential oils from Young Living.

TRE® uses a series of movements to safely initiate the body's natural shaking and tremoring response. The tremoring reflex releases and unwinds chronic tension patterns held deep in your muscles and fascia to restore your inner sense of peace and calm.



Acknowledge the power of AYURVEDA,


with Felicia Robey

Sunday 28th June

12pm - 2pm


What is Ayurveda? How is it related to Yoga and Meditation? 

Why is it so important more than ever now in the modern world we live in?

Come explore the fascinating world of Ayurveda and you will never see yourself the same again! 

Ayurvedic practitioner Felicia Robey will guide you through the first recognised Medical Health system Ayurveda to help you understand its incredible healing benefits.  Learn how Ayurveda views health, wellbeing from the doshas (Kapha.Pitta.Vata.) individual constitution as modern diseases/illness as symptoms of imbalance within our bodies





Incorporate Bhakti Yoga practices into 

your daily life

to create mindfulness

with Abhidheya Devi Dasi

Sunday 30th of August

11:15am - 4:15pm


In this one day masterclass you will be guided in yoga philosophy, mythology as well as have a hands on experience of Bhakti Yoga practices. During our day together we will:
- Understand the history of some of the major figures of Bhakti Yoga (Saints) and their impact on modern yoga
- Understand and practice ‘kirtan’ or call and response chanting which is a main element of Bhakti Yoga
- Learn ‘japa’ meditation which is a form of mantra meditation (the practice of chanting on beads) which you can incorporate in your life with magical results.





With Bénédicte

Sunday 7th of June

12pm - 3pm


In this 3 hour masterclass you will experience a 2 hour yoga class, 45 mins outdoors to apply your experience on the mat to running, 15 mins meditation. Connecting to the thread of the breath, we will work through a safe slow flow sequence of linked yoga poses, that are designed to increase your shoulder mobility and realise that they control your legs pace, discover how versatile our feet support can be and experience the role of a strong core and straight back whilst running. Whether you would like to start running and find a comfortable posture or you are an experienced runner willing to reach the next level, this masterclass will be beneficial for you.






How can assists, assist you in your alignment within asana yoga practice?

Sunday 5th of July

12pm - 3pm


Alignment in the yoga practice is an important part of shaping our body into the asana. The asana is the sanskrit word meaning seat. Alignment helps us to understand and sit in the seat of the asana, diving deep into understanding how we inhibit our patterns and so assists can assist.

This 3 hour masterclass is aimed at continuing education, body awareness, alignment for students who would like to improve their own asana yoga practice and for teachers wanting to gain more knowledge and feel more comfortable giving assists through alignment of poses. We will focus on some core dynamic asana poses, working with props, assists and how to get the best experience

when working with aged, injured, tight, flexible and tired bodies; covering practical, theory, question / answers.



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