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Emma McNiff

Emma is known for inviting students back to the medicine of a slow, but strong practice.

A dedicated student of yoga for over 10 years, Emma has tried and tested many styles, classes and teachers and studios. Time and time again Emma would show up for her practice as she knew that there was wisdom and magic to be found yet felt that she wasn't quite getting it. Whilst experiencing such an awe for the practice, Emma felt that something was always missing for her and found the modern, fast-paced vinyasa classes challenging to drop into the body. Emma wanted to breathe that little bit slower, she wanted to enjoy moments of integration and to express in other ways than what were being instructed. With a craving to invite more of a feminine approach through feeling and expression, Emma completed her Body Poetry Teacher Training just 1 year ago in 2022 and is now here to guide those who too feel that call. 

Emma is a clinical social worker, has valuable experience working with somatic therapies and understands what medicine the body craves. Emma uniquely draws in the world of energetics and spirituality to make it practical and easy to digest for the modern world. 

What to expect in your class with Emma:
Offerings for physical touch.
Invitations to move slower.
Moments to pause and feel.
Space to notice what has become alive.
Encouragement to close down your eyes.
Permission to explore beyond the posture.
To touch intensity with softness.
Love, excitement & enthusiasm.

Vinyasa | Yin | Ayurvedic Health Advisor | Social Worker | Hugger



Body Poetry Vinyasa Training | 200hr

Ayurvedic Health Advisor Training | 300hr


Embodied Vinyasa, Combo Flow + Yin 

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