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Marion Mohl

Marion is passionate about sharing the healing and therapeutic qualities of yoga. Since 2009 she has deepened her knowledge and experience of Yoga and added studies in Philosophy, Meditation, Mindfulness and clinical Hypnotherapy. She shares her ongoing passion for Yoga meditation and breathwork classes within the community.

Marions yoga classes vary depending on what is needed on the day and the group of people gathering; from the physically more challenging, to a slower moving pace.  Her classes are introspective, allowing quiet time and space to let go of all the stresses and chaos of everyday life, whilst creating a sanctuary on the mat to find stillness in the mind and inner peace in the body.  Marion combines the physical postures and the spiritual aspects of the practice leaving you feeling inspired and rejuvenated.


Yoga Teacher Training at SukhaMukha Yoga - 200 hours

Yoga Therapy Training at Adore Yoga with Nikola Ellis - 200 hours

Advanced Teacher Training at SukhaMukha Yoga - 150 hour

Bhagavad Gita Studies at SukhaMukha Yoga with Kamala Angel - 80 hours

Yin and Mindfulness Meditation Training with Sarah Powers - 60 hours

Spinal Health and Anatomy Studies - 30 hours

Advanced Assisting and Alignment Workshop - 30 hours

Trauma Aware Yoga Teaching – 20 hours

Embody Love and Grace Training with Melody Moore - 20 hours

Pilates Teacher Training with Claire Norgate - 60 hours

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychology Diploma with Gordon Young at the Institute of

Applied Psychology - 250 hours


Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Meditation

Marion Mohl
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