Dr. Jeff Miller Director of Teacher Training, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Counselor, Psychotherapist, Coach
Felicia Robey Yoga Teacher

Felicia was first introduced to yoga when she was 15 from her mother and grandmother watching Swami videos together. At 19 she started a career in fashion and a regular strong asana practice, with various teachers including Aimee Pedersen and Donald Shakes. 6 years of pushing to exhaustion in her work and unhealthy lifestyle, Felicia experienced a full physical breakdown- She developed Chronic Fatigue and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. With little help give by Western Medicine she fell into years of chronic illness and depression.


In her search for natural alternatives she discovered Ayurveda and with it her love of yoga reignited. Using these sister sciences Felicia managed to cure herself and start to build her strength and body back.


Then 2 years ago, from a blood clot built up in her body from the illnesses Felicia had a minor stroke, leaving her with nerve damage and weakness in the left side of her limps, which through daily practice again she was able to heal. Now having dedicated the last 5 years to studying Yoga, Ayurveda and a number of healing modalities including Indigenous Australian practices and nutrition Felicia’s passion is in helping others connect to their Bodies-Minds-Hearts and the Earth through the practice of Yoga to feel and be better than they were before each class.


Her ability to empathise with injury, illness and all levels of ability make her a warming and open teacher. Her style is creative, flowing, theme based, structured to develop a practice but have fun and rest too.


200 hours- Dharma Shala North Bondi
150 hours – Sukha Mukha- Advanced Teacher Training

50 hours – Don Peers – Yin Yoga
50 hours – Claire Cunneen- Chair Yoga
50 hours – Jasmine Tarkeshi- Super Sequencing


Vinyasa, Yin

botannix yoga studio

25 Swinbourne Street, Botany 2019 Sydney