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Rachel Reynolds

Rachel’s first introduction to yoga was through a gym class and after initial resistance fell in love with the practice and all it has to offer.  After many years of only knowing the gym environment Rachel found her way to Botannix Studio where she completed her Teacher Training in 2019. This training, coupled with the beauty of the Botannix Studio opened Rachel’s eyes and heart to the many gifts that the practice of yoga has to offer including pranayama and meditation.


Rachel holds deep gratitude for the strength and sense of calm that the practice of yoga has brought to her life and is honoured to be able to guide others through their own practice. With a strong conviction that yoga is for everyone Rachel’s classes are welcoming, fun and inclusive. They are suitable for everyone from beginners to those further along their yoga journey.  Rachel strongly believes that the answers that many of us are seeking are contained within us if we just gift ourselves with the time to stop, tune inwards and listen to our hearts.



Yoga Teacher Training - Botannix Yoga Studio - Katie Rose Manitsas | 200 hr

Advanced Teacher Training - Sukha Mukha - Idit Hefer-Tamir and Katie Rose Manitsas | 150 hr

Yin Teacher Training - Woke Yoga Studio - Em Cruickshank | 50 hr


Slow Vinyasa, Beginners Courses coming 2024

Rachel Reynolds
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